Piano in Taipei

Written by Alexandra Chipperfield and Dr. Jennifer Lau, under the supervision of Dr. Gaoheng Zhang.

Fubon Xinyi A25 Headquarters

In 2015, Fubon Financial Holding Company commissioned the Renzo Piano team to design the HQ of the Fubon Group Taipei. There will be three skyscraper buildings in total, the central tower will hold high-end offices and a rooftop for events that overlook Taipei. The headquarters also houses the Fubon Museum which collects contemporary and modern art. Situated in the Xinyi District of Taipei, the building is slated to be completed in 2022 and will be the sixth highest building in Taiwan. 

Climate and the local environment have been taken into account in this meaningful project. Shade will be provided by the planting of over 150 trees in the central public-accessible garden and a park will also be constructed for public use as part of the site.1 The design of the buildings exteriors will also be made to ensure “good solar control, daylight levels, and thermal comfort and performance,” with the goal to reach the Gold level of Taiwanese Green Building Certification (EEWH). One may notice the similarities of the exterior facade with The Shard in London. Indeed, the external walls will resemble the British project but will be engineered by the Thornton Tomasetti team to adapt to the climate in Taiwan, which is warmer than in the United Kingdom.2 


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2. https://www.thorntontomasetti.com/project/fubon-xinyi-a25

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