This website provides a platform for visitors interested in the interplay of culture and mobility between Chinese and Italian populations. Using the Chinese formulation, 衣食住行 (clothing, food, residence, mobility), as an organizing principle, we offer case studies of cultural mobilities set in various North American, Asian, and European cities.


Clothing, drinking and eating, and habitation are three necessities for human existence. Therefore, since antiquity, the three things have always been mentioned together. As the world evolved, and traffic became more frequent, Mr. Sun Yat-sen first advocated for the expression of 衣食住行, likely because these are the four things that we care most about. (Ci Hai, 1936.)

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About Us

We are a research collective based in Canada, led by Dr. Gaoheng Zhang, of the Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

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